New release! ”Breathing” January 20

NyheterNew release! ”Breathing” January 20

New release! ”Breathing” January 20

Through the eyes of a tree – a life story. Trees have always fascinated me, they carry a lot of secrets and have seen so much, through hundreds of years. A tree symbolises the many stages and seasons of a human life. Our lives and souls so deeply connected with nature. Something we have almost forgotten…

”Breathing” will be released on Spotify and Youtube (video) on January 2023.


”Breathing” was composed on the island of Visby in Sweden. This old tree is to be found very close to the ring wall at Snäckgärdsporten.


Composed and performed by Camilla Ringquist
Recorded at VICC in Visby by Elias Ringquist
Produced by Elias Ringquist and Camilla Ringquist
Mastered by Thomas and Sofia at Stockholm Mastering
Video filmed by Elias Ringquist
Video created by Elias Ringquist and Camilla Ringquist
Album cover original photo by Therése Särnbäck
Additional photo by Camilla Ringquist
TinyTiger Production 2023

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