Embrace of Green

Embrace of Green

Rerelease: 7 Februari 2020 CD release: 24 September 2008

Music and lyrics by Camilla Ringquist ("Lilac Wine" written by James H Shelton)

Produced by Camilla Ringquist

Mastered by Sofia von Hage, Cutting Room

Recorded at Atlantis studio by Janne Hansson

Musicians: Camilla Ringquist (vocals and piano, 12-string guitar, organ, music box), Ola Johansson (accordion, double bass), String quartet: Rimma Gotskosik (violin I), Lina Söderholtz (violin II), Erik Holm (viola), Emeli Jeremias (cello), Magnus Persson (timpani)

String arrangements by Emeli Jeremias

Double bass arrangements by Ola Johansson

Cover photo by Therése Särnbäck

TinyTiger Production 2008.

If you are interested in ordering the album contact mail@camillaringquist.com

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