Love and Poetry

Love and Poetry

Rerelease: 7 Februari 2020 CD release: 7 November 2005

Released by Nordic Notes (Japan) 2006

Music and lyrics by Camilla Ringquist ("Closer" written by Camilla and Elias Ringquist)

Produced by Camilla Ringquist, Lasse Englund

Mastered by Thomas Eberger, Cutting Room

Recorded by Lasse Englund at Lasses Hus 2005

Musicians: Camilla Ringquist (vocals, background vocals, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, wurlitzer), Lasse Englund (electric guitar, programing, slide, acoustic guitar, omnichord, loops, e-bow, mandola, cümbüs and other guitars, Elias Ringquist (keyboard, synth bass, synth strings, percussion), Hannes Laaksonen (electric guitar), Olle Steinhotlz (double bass, electric double bass), Anders Johnsson (double bass) Anders Scherp (drums, percussion) Joakim Milder (soprano saxophone), Mattias Ståhl (vibraphone), Mikael Augustsson (bandoneon, musette, accordion, accordion bass), Magnus Stinnerbom (viola, violin)

Cover photo by Patrik Agerkrans

TinyTiger Production 2005.


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